Non-Governmental Organisations

Coordinators work with NGOs that provide food parcels and shelter for neglected children, the sick, elderly and abused, referring clients who cannot find help through the state.

Theresa TFood parcelhusi, August 2008: Help from The Red Cross

On 7th August in the morning I saw an elderly woman fetching water from an outside tap. The water was for a cold bath. My heart was very sore for her. I took her to the centre so that she could wash with warm water. What worried me was that the family had come to the police station for support and protection but they did not get it.

I asked the woman why she had been here for several days and she told me that her family’s house at KwaPata was burnt down by an angry mob after they claimed that their son had killed someone in the area and so they ran to the police station for protection.

I networked with the Red Cross for assistance with the disaster. The person I spoke to asked me to organise a vehicle to fetch things for the desperate family. I received three blankets, clothing and a box full of groceries for the family.New house
Old house
(Above left): A rundown house in KwaMpumuza in Pietermaritzburg where a family of six lived. Coordinator Theresa Thusi contacted Operation Jumpstart Association and they donated a new building (right). She organised food and clothing for them as well as initiating the donation of the house.

Happiness Mthalane, Sept 2008: Working with a Children’s Charity

I have also been approached by Nonhlanhla Hadebe, the Director of Ntabamhlope Self Sufficient Project. She wants to have a working relationship with our office; they help orphans with proof of birth and with shelter if it is necessary. They also help children with AIDS to take ARV’s and to eat healthy food.

My office is willing to work with them: they will refer people to our office and I will refer children to them.

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