Legal Advice Cases

Dudu Basi, November 2008: Pension Unfairly Cancelled

On 27 November 2008 a client reported that his pension had been suspended since 2006 and that he did not get help from the Social Development Offices in Underberg. He has been suffering hardship since 2006.

I phoned the Department of Social Development’s head office. I was told that the client’s pension had been suspended because he had not asked for it for three months.

I advised the client to make an affidavit and accompanied him to the charge office. I then asked one of the police officers to accompany the client to the Social Development Head Office to reapply for his pension. The client reported that his application was successful and he got his pension.

Phumzile Zuma, Jan-FHome visiteb 2008: Advice about Applying for Grants

 “The coordinator published my story in the local newspaper. She said that the department was taking forever to help a disabled woman get her disability grant. After that I was able to get a grant without an ID!” 
Respondent, 2007 Evaluation

I conducted nine home visits during January-February. On 1 February I visited a farm in Underberg because there were two children aged 9 and 11 who were not attending school. They told me that their mother had said she has no money to send them to school.

I arranged a meeting with this family and advised the mother to apply for birth certificates so that they can apply for social grants that will help her. I also advised her that in law every child has a right to an education.

Phumzile Zuma, Jan 2008: Advice about Domestic Violence

On 17 January 2008 I made a home visit at Loteni because a domestic violence case had been reported by neighbours and they asked me to visit that home. I found a 46 year old female client at the house and her legs were swollen. She could not walk.
Home visit
I gave her counselling and legal advice. She said that she had reported the violence to the police but they did not arrest her husband and refused to open a case, their reason being that he is the breadwinner.

I advised the client to go to the hospital and ask the doctor to certify that she has been assaulted so that she can open a case against her husband.

Zolta Buthelezi, July-Aug 2008: Poverty Alleviated by Legal Advice

In August 2008 I conducted a home visit in Unit 1 South after a 50 year old married woman had visited our offices to find out whether she can apply for any social grant. The client had been receiving a disability grant and when her grant was due for review her medical practitioner recommended that she was fit for work. Both the client and her husband are unemployed. Among their children who are also unemployed, none of them qualifies for any social grant.

Fortunately I discovered in the course of my discussion of the problem that her husband is 63 years old. In terms of the recent amendment of the pensions’ laws (2008), I was able to inform my client that her husband qualifies for a state pension. 

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