Counselling Overview

“I was impressed by the coordinators’ ability to deal with the often very tragic lives and problems of their clients. It takes a lot of strength and courage to do this job, day after day, and never become discouraged.”

                                               Angelika Piechulek, Masters Student from Germany, after an internship with CCJ

Counselling is obviously vital when dealing with victims of violence or bereavement, and is often nCounsellingot adequately provided at police stations. Some victims are so traumatised that it is impossible for them to present their cases unless they are taken through a counselling session to put them at ease. Even the writing of a statement at the police office is sometimes too much. Read examples of counselling

Trained staff provide counselling before taking statements, as well as before and after trials. Clients are able to tell their story in a private and comfortable environment, rather than the bare and unfriendly public charge office that they would otherwise find themselves in. Clients are treated with sensitivity and compassion by staff who understand their culture and experiences. Coordinators also conduct counselling during home visits.

“When I came to the offices, I was hysterical and very emotional about the issue and the two coordinators helped me to calm down. They explained the law relating to my problem.”       

                                            - Respondent, 2007 Impact Study

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