School Presentations

“Now I understand better my rights and I can identify when they are being denied”  - Learner, 2007 Impact Study
School presentation

Coordinators are expected to conduct at least one school presentation a month. These address teachers and pupils on issues of child abuse, rape, sexual assault and children’s rights. Teachers and learners are informed about the rights of children not be abused and injured, and are educated to recognise symptoms of abuse and encouraged to report to the support centre. Children learn what to do and where to go when they experience problems. They also share the information gained from the presentation with their families and other community members.

The average age of learners is twelve, as the aim is to reach young children before these issues affect them and before their attitudes towards gender roles harden. School presentations reach very large numbers of people: in 2011 23,263 pupils attended 60 presentations given by coordinators.

After every school presentation, several learners typically approach the coordinator with problems they have not been able to tell anyone. After one in Taylor’s Halt for example, eleven children came to talk to a coordinator after a presentation. They were all victims of abuse, but had not had the courage to report it before.

“People come forward for help more now, and women and children are more educated about their rights because of the presentations that we do." - Mpophomeni Coordinator Lucky Mkhize

Oct 2008, by Zolta Buthelezi: Presentation leads to ArrestSchool presentation

I conducted school presentations on sexual abuse at Luthayi High School, Hammarsdale Primary School and three Umzunduzi schools outside our jurisdiction – Mkhatini Primary School, Indunakazi Primary and Asizenzele Primary on 24th October.

A 15 year old child had disclosed to her class teacher in June 2008 that she was being raped repeatedly by her uncle. She reported it again after my presentation. She was referred to the clinic where it was confirmed that she was pregnant. The matter was reported to the police and the suspect was arrested and awaiting trial.Poster

May-June 2008, by Sonto Nene: Drug Awareness

I have conducted 7 presentations at different schools during May-June 2008. My fourth presentation was conducted at Bethamaya High School at Madadeni. I was there with the Child Abuse Protocol Committee. The learners were attentive and their participation was excellent and they were very inquisitive. I think they really got the message about abuse and drug awareness. They now understand that if they smoke drugs at school they will be arrested.

Soon after the presentation a boy was arrested on the school premises because he was found selling dagga at school.

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