Head Office

Winnie Kubayi

Winnie Kubayi: Director

Winnie studied Law at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, before joining CCJ as a researcher in 1994. Appointed director in 1997, Winnie immediately gave CCJ a new vision, focusing its work and research on outreach activities and raising funds to implement this plan.

She has overseen the expansion of the outreach program, the selection and training of coordinators, the rewriting of statutes in accessible language, the dissemination of information, the establishment of a case database and research into the outreach program and regular evaluation of it. She has also raised money to support these activities. Find out more about Winnie


Nicky Robinson

Nicky Robinson: Administration Officer and Personal Assistant

After studying bookkeeping at Varsity College in Pietermaritzburg, Nicky worked in the property, travel and financial services industries as an administrator, secretary and bookkeeper, before joining the CCJ in 2008. Nicky provides administrative support for everyone in the office, often liaising with university departments, and is personal assistant to Winnie.


Jabhisile SangweniJabhisile Sangweni: The Field Coordinator

After working as a teacher, Jabu studied a law degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal while working as an intern for CCJ, which she joined full-time in 2006. Jabu ensures the systematic recording of data by the support centres, providing field information and statistics on the outreach program. She also conducts monitoring and provides support for the outreach coordinators on complicated cases.

Rupert Denham

Rupert Denham: Fundraiser and Website Manager

With a degree from Oxford University and a background in teaching and website management, Rupert came to CCJ in 2010. He focuses on fundraising, drafting proposals and reports to local businesses as well as overseas foundations, governments and companies. He also updates the website and assists with research. 

The Program Manager 

The program manager (below) supervises and supports the work of the support centres, conducting regular visits and training workshops for coordinators. He oversees the projects of the outreach program, helps coordinators to maintain relations with local partners, and provides support in difficult cases.  

Outreach Manager

Internal Newsletters

The head office develops information newsletters on a regular basis for its outreach staff to keep them informed of changes in legislation. They receive these newsletters as soon as there is a change in law, so that they can advise their clients accordingly.

Coordinator Nokuthula Mchunu on the usefulness of the newsletter:


“It was easy for me to give clients accurate information about amounts of money and persons who qualify for grants and death benefits because of the internal newsletters that we receive.”

The CCJ Legal Series

The head office rewords and simplifies various laws that are otherwise hard to understand: to date it has produced work on the Domestic Violence Act, the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act, the Maintenance Act, the Wills Act and the Child Care Act.

Legal Series

These publications are aimed at paralegals, but have become popular among law students, social workers and magistrates. These books or a publicity package can be ordered online

“Your legal publication is interesting and useful to prosecutors handling maintenance cases.”

               - Director of Public Prosecutions, Northern Cape

"We are trying to put the law in plain language so that people to whom the laws apply can read and understand the rights conferred on them.” 

                - CCJ Director Winnie Kubayi 

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